Smart Tenant Solution for Building Management

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Business Scenario

With the trend of flexible working on the rise, the need to keep your quality tenant happy is becoming more significant than ever. The focus on the commercial real estate industry is expanding from tangible asset management to the improvement of user experience, building comfort, and sustainability. PwC's solution offers personal control of lighting, HVAC, and access control. This is all offered through IoT devices, helping improve the tenant's experience, increase the owner’s revenues, and lower operational costs through the adoption and application of IoT solutions.

Business Challenges

"The office is too cold!"

Tenants often complaints about office temperature but cannot adjust it without the property management office.

Sustainability demand from tenants and Investors

Good quality tenants are obligated to meet sustainability standards for better brand image and investor value.

Improper Monitoring of Assets

Due to the challenge of siloed building automation systems, most facility operators today have little to no awareness of the current conditions of critical assets, such as air-conditioning units.

How We Can Help

PwC's tenant experience portal is a user-oriented application developed for commercial real estate owners. IoT and big data enables personalised control of HVAC, reduces building operating costs, encourages sustainability, and energy efficiency, and improves tenants' comfortability.

The portal can easily integrate with the existing applications of properties, improve the value of property assets, provide a wider range of functions, and benefit tenants with a personalised solution. At the same time, PwC will help you complete the end-to-end process, and support your technological transformation journey.

Key Features

Fast and intuitive temperature control Based on IoT and data technology, users can easily adjust the temperature of HAVC without leaving their seats. At the same time, the automation and delay request of the air conditioner can be realised to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

Operation reporting & analytics with sustainability Social and sustainability reporting can could be supported by with energy savings data on temperature control, environmental sensor, and space operations.

Predictive maintenance and asset digitisation IoT smart sensors can be easily connected with equipment to gather various parameters on its operational status. Having this data at hand, building operators can effectively detect signs of asset failures to schedule maintenance in advance.

Business Benefits

Enhancing tenant satisfaction Tenant experience is improved due to comfortable office environment, which attracts and retains high-quality customers.

Asset maintenance cost reduction Asset maintenance costs are drastically lowered from real-time monitoring and management.

Operational improvements Awareness of operations data from the high level to granular details with personalised reports helps better benchmark, understand, and improve property operation.

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